Maintaining a Healthy Diet on Vacation

As much as you look forward to going on vacation, it can be a total mood killer when you get home just to find out you’ve set yourself back 5 pounds. It’s wild how one week of eating freely and not working out as much as you had been can push you back to what took you 3 weeks to accomplish. It’s unfair, but it’s reality. If you’ve been working really hard to shed the pounds, you don’t want to put them back on for one weeks vacation. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself while you’re out with your family and friends, but there are things you can do to minimize the damage. Here are some basic things to keep in mind when going on vacation mid-diet or healthy lifestyle adjustment.
Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you can’t workout
The whole idea of vacation is to relax, but you don’t have to relax 24/7. There’s no harm in waking up a little bit earlier than everyone else to go for a run or even swim some laps in the hotel pool. You won’t be taking the same high intensity classes like you would be at some place like Cross Fit Los Angeles, but there are ways you can break a sweat. Some hotels offer yoga classes, gyms with treadmills, elliptical, weights, and other fitness related tools. Why not take advantage of them? You can sleep on the beach the rest of the day and you’ll feel much better once you’ve had a good workout.
Go easy on the alcohol
If you like to drink, or if you want to be able to drink socially with the rest of your party, keep the calories in mind. This isn’t to deter you from trying that Caribbean style drink in a coconut that all your friends are trying, but just consider the sugars and carbs. Try to stay away from heavy beers altogether. If you want to drink light beers, only drink a few. Those 100 calorie seltzers even add up quickly. Other quick tips are that you can ask for a skinny margarita (which can save you more than  100 calories per drink) and you can get vodka diet soda or seltzer instead of coke or sprite. These small changes leave you more wiggle room to enjoy yourself.
Portion control
When you’re on vacation, you tend to eat out a lot. If you’re like some families, you’ll eat out for breakfast lunch and dinner. You don’t realize it but most restaurants give you portions that can feed two or three people. While you think you’re eating the same amount of meals as you do as home, you could be eating double. Within a day or two your body will tell you to slow down because you’ll feel super bloated, so listen to it! The salt, butter, oils, etc. that are used at restaurants are a lot heftier than what you use in your own kitchen. Don’t be scared to try the pasta, the chicken, or the fish; you don’t have to be that person that always orders a salad. Just beware of how much you’re actually eating and look into how the food is prepared. Also, try your absolute best to skip the bread and fatty appetizers. You don’t even realize it but it can add 500 calories to your daily intake easily.
Walk, walk, and walk
If you’re vacationing somewhere that’s familiar or safe, try walking to your different destinations rather than taking a taxi everywhere. A mile walk won’t kill you, so convince the rest of your family that walking is a great time to sight see, talk, and digest. It doesn’t even feel like exercise, but it is. Walking is so much better than lying around all week and you’ll definitely feel a difference in the days you exercise and the days you don’t.
Just remember, when you’re on vacation, work and school might take a break, but those carbs are more apparent than ever.